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In My Own Words

I never dreamed I would be passionate about learning to thrive after losing a child. But on October 10th, 2010 everything I thought I understood about life was split into two parts… My life before my son died and my life after Brandon died.

We didn’t ask for this, no one would, but we do get to choose how we respond to it – I choose to live life in the sunshine of my son’s life not the shadow of his death. It’s hard work and I want you to join me!

 People Who Thrive Here…

  • Have experienced a loss that broke their life into pieces.
  • Want to live an inspired life that honors their loved one.
  • Are tired of being tired.
  • Are open to new ideas on healing.
  • Want to feel joy again in their life!

Your Are Courageous!

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Love notes about Paula’s work…

“Paula shares her spirit openly and resonates with her audience through her light-hearted yet deeply meaningful presentation style. She pulls you in, leaving you wanting more and brings a palpable realness to her work.”

Jill Hallimi, Life Source Organ & Tissue Donation

“Paula was great to work with from the beginning! She handled the sensitive topic of grief with care, but also wasn’t afraid to tackle the hard subject matter. She was able to put a spin on the topic that allowed our audience to think of their grief in a completely different way than they ever have before. We would book Paula again!”

Erin Barnett, Directors of Programs, C.O.P.S National Office