How To Submit Healing Notes

Healing Notes are guest post by people JUST LIKE YOU!  People who have a story of love, loss & healing. Telling your story is powerfully healing to you and others. Show me what you’ve got!

The most important action you can take to heal yourself is to reflect on how far you’ve come and to share that wisdom with others who need your courage.

Many of you have shared your incredible stories of growth, resilience, courage and optimism. Now I want you to use your experience to inspire others! I am looking for stories of how you rose from the ashes and created something beautiful when, at one time, you didn’t believe it could ever exist. I don’t care if you are a seasoned writer or have just kept a diary since 7th grade – If you have a powerful, uplifting story to share, lay it on me!

Some suggestions to get you started… Did you:

  • Start doing yoga after your loss & found a deeper spiritual connection
  • Establish a foundation that is changing lives
  • Engage in an activity you never thought you could do  – climb a mountain, go scuba diving, jump out of a plane, travel to an exotic location
  • Start a support group
  • Have a radical shift in your thinking

 Need some inspiration? Read the posts below that others have submitted and that have been published here. 

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Want to be part of the movement? Read the guidelines below

  • Submission must be between 600-800 words (but I care more about a powerful message than word count)
  • Include a short bio of 150 words or less
  • Include your blog url and/or twitter handle (so I can tweet it high & low)
  • Proof your writing. If accepted, you will not be able to make major revisions and I’m not an English teacher
  • Your piece must be kind & inclusive. I will not accept pieces that have a negative tone
  • The message must inspire action, courage, bravery, growth or optimism in others
  • Don’t be afraid to share the dark, dirty, hard times that got you to this point. The beauty is in the process!
  • Submit your finished piece in the body of an email (not an attachment) and include the subject heading: “My Healing Note Submission”
  • Send email to:

*Please only submit stories that are original and have not be published else where.

I am a 1-woman show. Please give me 7 days (1 week) to reply to your submission. I believe in the power of your story and believe you will benefit and heal by simply writing it. Unfortunately I will not be able to accept all submission nor reply to all submissions.

Once your submission has been accepted I am going to bust my hump to promote it on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Your job is to promote it on your social media platforms as well. I will send you the link you need to promote it.