From Grief to Growth

5 Essential Elements of Action to Give Grief A Purpose and Grow From Your Experience!




When you believe that you are capable of leaning into this experience,

you open an entire new world of possibility.


Paula Stephens, M.A.

Author Paula Stephens

Paula Stephens, M.A. became a Gold Star Mom after losing her oldest son in 2010 while he was home on leave from the Army. She has used this experience, combined with her profession background of twenty five years in the wellness industry to outline how we can cultivate resilience based behaviors that support us to live in the sunshine of our loved one’s life – not in the shadow of their death.

She is a yogi, speaker, author and resilience coach who is also the mom her other three other boys. Her happy place is on her yoga mat or running trail in the foothills of Colorado


Picking up where the 5 Stages of Grief end.

After experiencing the death of her father, a divorce, her middle son’s drug rehab and the death of her oldest son, Paula believed their must be more to reclaiming a beautiful life after loss than simply ‘acceptance’. Through her investigation as equal parts woo-woo yogi and hard-fact scientist she went on a search to find what gives our losses purpose and how to grow from these experiences. This book is the raw, witty and honest account of that investigation.

The book is best paired with dark chocolate, fresh-brewed tea and a highlighter to bring out the full flavor of it’s contents. Enjoy!


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