Time To Move Your Asana

How you take care of yourself during grief and loss is crazy important. Today I’m going to share with you five simple yoga for grief poses that you can do to help ease your grief. There is so much about yoga that is good for grief that I almost feel like I’m cheating you by only giving you five of the best yoga for grief poses.

The poses, also called ‘asanas’ in the world of Yoga, are simple ones that no matter how fit you are or how bad you feel today, you can do these – right now if you want!

Why Yoga for Grief is Important to Your Healing

Unless you have lived under a rock for the last decade you know that yoga is crazy trendy. There is everything from bootcamp style yoga to meditative/restorative yoga. Which means you can find a style of yoga that fits you and your needs.

Don’t get discouraged if you tried yoga in the past and you didn’t like it or are worried that you ‘can’t do it’. Start from where you are today, honor that sexy hunk of beautiful body you are in right now! And by all means don’t wait until you are in shape , until you lose the weight, or until your BFF will do it with you. Yoga is not about all those silly things – yoga is about Y-O-U, exactly how you are right now today!

Grief is not just an emotional loss. Grief sets up shop in every nook and cranny of your body. I can see you nodding your head, yes, right now! You know what I’m talking about don’t you? The physical ache in your heart, the recurring headache, the joint pain, the fatigue, the digestive issues, changes in sleep patterns… need I go on?

Yoga allows you to move your body in a subtle way that shifts your grief and creates small changes on the cellular level. These small changes are empowering! Your grief won’t go away, rather it will become a partner in the healing process, showing you where to direct your efforts.


5 Asanas To Begin to Heal

These yoga for grief poses are simple and focus on restoring your broken heart and beginning to stitch it back together. All of these photos were taken from Yoga Journal‘s website and I would encourage you to head over and check out all the other amazing poses you can learn!

Begin this sequence by sitting quietly for a few minutes and set an intention or dedication for your practice. This is a fancy way of giving purpose to your yoga. Perhaps you want o dedicate it to your loved one who has passed, or to someone you know who is struggling. You can also set an intention of loving yourself and accepting whatever happens during your practice as simply perfect… just like you! 🙂

Stay in each pose for 30 seconds to a minute or 3-5 breathes, whichever feels better to you. Slowly transition to the next asana and reset your intention as you go.

When you finish the last one, savasana, take a moment to notice any shifts or changes in your mood or energy. Take 3 breathes, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth – Smile!


yoga for grief

As you come into Child’s Pose. rest your forehead on your mat.
Stay here for 3-5 breathes focusing on feeling your lungs quietly expand and contract.


yoga poses for grief

Bring your elbows under your shoulders, as you press your elbows into the mat imagine you can press your heart forward towards your hands. Tighten your leg and press your tailbone towards your heels.


Yoga for Grief

My personal favorite!
Tuck your hands under your buns and press your elbows into the floor until your head, neck and shoulders rise up. Let your head dangle back and open the throat and heart. Activate your leg muscles and press the ball of your foot forward.


Yoga for Grief

This is so wonderful! It can be done with a rolled up blanket under the hips (as shown) or not. Keep the neck in a natural extension of the spine and open the arms to the sids.


yoga for grief

Corpse Pose. The traditional closing to most all yoga practices. Relax by bringing your arms to your sides and extending your legs (you may also bend your knees if it makes your back feel more relaxes. Close your eyes, relax your neck, throat & jaw…. aaahhhhh…..

How Much Yoga Is Enough?

This is a simple yoga for grief series that you could do every day or you could do just one of these each day! The magic of yoga is taking time to become more mindful of how your body feels and how that affects your mood and mind.

Start from where you are – Breathe – Love – Smile – Accept

Comment below and tell you if you do yoga or if you are just starting. What do you like about yoga? What scares you about it?

Remember your comments are proof to others that Healthy Ever After Loss is a reality. Be brave and inspire someone in the comments below!

*hugs* Paula




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