One of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed in my journey of life after loss is the ability of people to take the pure and powerful energy of love and loss, funnel it into something wonderful AND often create something that other people benefit from.

These acts of creation and passion are where the seeds of healing are planted. 

I have found moms who are creating foundations in their child’s honor that help and support other children or foundations that are creating the rumbling of grass roots cultural change. Here are some of the examples that I’m aware of just within the Crazy Good Grief Community:

  • The Chris Lantos Foundation supporting pediatric cancer patients and improving their quality of life.
  • The Alex C Teves Foundation supporting educational opportunities for students with unique learning styles.
  • Team Momo another heart felt endeavor in the cancer community.
  • G.A.P. Network healing parents after the loss of a child to addiction/overdose and prevention advocacy.

I could go on and on listing the most heart felt, grass roots change that is happening because people are turning the energy around their loss into action. (and I apologize if I didn’t list your group here)

Then there are the people who dig deep inside their soul to create the most beautiful art and other products. This is no less than the creation of a foundation/organization it’s born from a different healing place, but healing just the same. The most famous & lovely bereaved mamma (in my opinion) Carly Marie does incredible work and encourages others with her healing projects she offers. Below are a other examples

Again, I could list many, many more incredible creative expressions of love and loss.  And I haven’t even touched on how many incredible books have been written from people who’ve lost a loved one. (You can read my review of the book Rare Bird HERE)

What if you’re not doing these things?

I say – AWESOME! We need both in the world – We need the people who create & hustle AND we need the people who will support these endeavors and cheer for these people from the side lines.

There will never be enough healing resources in the grief and loss communities… EVER! Nor will there ever be enough people cheering for these projects and holding the light for others. We are all in this healing community together and our contribution matters. 

So how will you support bereaved families this holiday?

If you’ve been around here in the Crazy Good Grief Community you know that shiny things get chased and donkey’s get ridden on a regular basis. Let me translate that for you…. I have a terrible attention span, but when I get on something I ride that wild idea until it’s tame, or at least manageable. (Yes, my typos are always my gift to you).

This week’s shiny donkey ride resulted in an incredible way for you to find your place in the healing community of creation within the bereaved community.


Introducing…. The Healing Holidays Online Market!

classified image

This online market is a free classified ad where I want you to list your organizations, foundations, crafts, books and whatever else has been born from your healing.

I also want it to be a place where we can support one another’s endeavors and spend our holiday energy & resources (read: dollars, moolah, dineros) supporting each other in the bereaved community. Maybe you purchase a product or donate to a foundation that speaks to your heart.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea if this is going to work, but I know it won’t work if it’s never created. So, now the work begins. I need you to share this with creators so that the ‘store’ gets stocked with incredible goodies. Send the link to the store to people you know are doing great things and if you are that person head over there and create your free ad.

The fun will be when the store is full of heartfelt gifts and you can shop, shop, shop! Yahoo for retail therapy!!!!

And, what better way to heal yourself than by giving to another person who is also hurting.

 Have questions, comments, suggestions? Email me at

I can’t wait to see what incredible healing and amazing goodness we all create… Together we are so amazing!






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