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On October 20th, 2009 my son Morgan died at the Base Camp of Mount Everest in Tibet.  It was the most devastating day of my life but at the same time it was the moment that I realized that love never dies.  I was able to speak to his roommate by cell phone and asked him to put the phone to Morgan’s ear.  He had stopped breathing and was undergoing CPR.  I told him that we loved him, not to be afraid, and that we were very proud of him.

At the exact instant that Morgan stopped breathing, I felt him with me, hugging me from the inside.  It was a warm, calming feeling that washed through me.  I realized that he was comforting me and that he wanted me to know that he would always be with me.  Before Morgan died, I did not believe that it would be possible to carry on without one of my children.  However, I realized in an instant that I had to carry on, not only for my two daughters who needed me, but more importantly for Morgan, whose only wish is to see us happy.  I knew we had to live and thrive for him. [click to tweet]


Morgan & Elizabeth

Morgan & Elizabeth

My strongest desire after his death was to somehow communicate with him.  I didn’t know how this would be possible—I had never been to a psychic medium.  Morgan took matters into his own hands.  I had been practicing yoga at a studio for years, and Morgan had sometimes gone with me.  Angie, the owner of the studio, decided in January 2010 to interview a psychic medium who had recently moved to the area looking for rental space.  Angie’s way of evaluating the psychic medium, Susanne Wilson, was to ask Susanne to ‘read’ a photo of my kids included in our annual Christmas card.  She provided no other information to Susanne.

Susanne connected with my son, communicating his personality and mannerisms.  Susanne gave Angie numerous validations—including details that were not public knowledge and not known to Angie (who diligently wrote everything down).   I will share a few highlights.

Susanne said a young man showed her a big teddy bear and bottle of Captain Morgan.  My son’s name is Morgan and we affectionately call him Big Bear.  Susanne saw him shouting through a megaphone that he was OKAY–very significant because Morgan was a cheerleader at the University of Arizona and his megaphone was at his service.  Susanne saw him on a mountain, lying on his back.  She saw a black box at his ear; that he had listened intently but had been unable to speak.  He told Susanne to say, “Mom, I heard everything you said and I love you back.”  I was comforted to know Morgan had heard me when the phone was held to his ear.

Susanne further told Angie that my son and his two roommates were a ‘band of three’; that they were like brothers.  Although Morgan was close to all the students who helplessly watched him die that morning, his two roommates were especially important to him.  Colin and Matt accompanied Morgan’s body to Lhasa and waited with him until my husband was able to finally get a visa to enter Tibet six days later. Perhaps most stunning—Susanne told Angie that we would receive a special rock from the place that Morgan died and she sketched the rock.  We made no mention of this detail to anyone.  Several months later Colin delivered Morgan’s Rock upon his return from China, exactly as Susanne had said.

I had my own reading with Susanne in which more validations came through, including that Morgan and I would work together to help parents connect with their deceased children in the Afterlife.  I founded my parents support group one month later.  Susanne also introduced me to Mark Ireland.

Morgan continues to work diligently in the Spirit world to help children get messages through to their parents.  I am incredibly proud of him.

Please read more about Morgan’s story at this link to a story written by EJ Montini in The Arizona Republic: A Mountain of a Young Man Dies at Mount Everest

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